This is my website.

This is a place on the internet.  I’m not entirely sure what I want to put here.  Here are some things I do know.  I’m inspired by posts like this one, from the Domain of One’s Own at the University of Mary Washignton:  I’ve had a professional Twitter account since spring 2016, and I’ve really enjoyed the way it’s changed my job and the way I view my connection to the education community.  I’m interested in the idea of using a digital space to change the way we view learning, a space which is disconnected from Blackboard, disconnected from the rhythm of terms and the silo-ing of course numbers.  I’d like to have a space where I can have on-going projects for students to check out, and contribute to.  I’d like to have a space to hold on to work that I do during the semester.  I might like to have a space where I blog regularly about ed matters, though to be honest I have a short attention span so I’m not sure I’d make a good blogger.  So here it is.  Let’s see what happens.